Accu-Chek active test strips 25


The glucometer offers accurate readings of blood tests on different parts of the body across different parts of the human body such as thighs arms multi-site-fingers and forearms.

It requires a sample volume of 1-2 UL.

The device comes with a measuring range of 10-600 mg/dl and is equipped with a large test pad which could be used for taking specified does.

The glucometer has high durability and comes with a coded strip.

It is used for collecting samples from capillary arterial venous neonatal and venous.


The glucometers are the devices that are widely utilised for conducting blood tests on different parts of the body such as the forearm arms thighs multiple site-fingers etc. It is compatible for use with Accu-Check active meter only. These Accu-chek Active Test Strips requires a sample volume of 1-2 UL. This test strips can be utilised for arterial capillary venous and neonatal and has a coded strip. It has a measuring range of 10 to 600 mg/dl and has a large test pad that can be used for taking doses that are suitable for AST options. Creating keeping in touch with the needs of patients it has a long lifespan and offers accurate readings of glucose levels in their blood.


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